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BrahmaSutra 1.1.1


– SUTRA 1.1.1 brahmasutra1.1.1




“Athhatho Brahmajijnasa” – 1.1.1

athha: now, then, afterwards;
atho: therefore; (It is Not ‘atah’, as in Sivananda Translation)
Brahmajijnasa: a desire, curiosity for the real knowledge of Creator

Sanskirt – The Language Of Gods – is the most flexible language, You can easily interpret even exactly opposite assumptions from the same shlokas… Just like an equally old but picto language like Sumerian (Language Of The Lesser Gods)…
Thus; The Eternal Conflict Between Saankhýã & advàithã…

||| Sankara Bhashyam Literal Meaning:
Now, Therefore, The Enquiry Into Brahman…

Discussion: “So; The time has come to discuss about Desire To Know Brahman…”

||| alternate Meanings Used BY ME For Brahma Manana Yaj?a :

athha : Then, Certainly, afterwards, But, auspicious, else, Moreover, What ? (In Context), Rather, How Else, Then?, Thereupon, after This, also, More…
atho : Next, Likewise, Now…

1) athha~atho Brahmajijnasa:
Then Only The Discussion about Brahman… after The Curiosity arises…

Discussion: Brahmajijnasu are the only people qualified to be taught the Secret knowledge of Brahman…

2) athha atho Brahmajijnasa:
Then, Next arises The Desire To Know Brahman…

Discussion: as for Rama in YogaVasiShta, the longing for eternal knowledge arises only after the stages of attachment, pain, suffering & understanding…

3) athha, atho Brahmajijnsa:
Definitely, Then Desire For The Eternal Would Bubble Up In The Fortunate…

Discussion: In a person with the required qualities specified in upanishads, there would definitely arise the curiosity of the unknown & eternal…

4) athha; atho Brahmajijnasa ?
But; Wait, Would There Be a Desire For Eternal For Normal People ?

Discussion: In this age of world, even if we hear, learn or teach how much ever or whatever, Maya is so powerful, that people get disillusioned & estranged…

5) athha-atho Brahmajijnasa:
May Be afterwards, There Can Be a Likewise Change Resembling Desire For That…

Discussion: Even though there is very little chance for earth bound people to be spiritually fortunate, some of the atma light forms, just after few human incarnations developed from animal group souls, gain in one life, sudden interest in the eternal; may be by s?wa, ya?na, sa??an, prarthana or mantra… This interest which may resemble the real thing may soon fade away, depending on the grade & intensity of positive influence…

6) athha atho Brahma ajijnasa
alas! But Now; What Brahmajijnasa ? There Is Only Pure Desire For The Opposite !!!

Discussion: I like this one because, this reflects present state of 99% of the souls incarnated in india… Pity !!! & wastage of Jivas as body vehicles…

7) athha : atho Brahmajijnasa
But; Next Would Be The Revelation; When You Least Expect It…

Discussion: This is indirectly praise for constant effort & the results would be bestowed as a surprise…
Heavenly Wind Mills Chug Slow Blue, But Work So True…

8 ) athha | atho Brahma jijnasa
Certainly; Now IS The Time For Desire Of Brahman…

Discussion: If you think this is not the right time, age, place, situation or more for this spiritual thing; then you are sooo wrong… This is the best and foremost time for inquiry into the eternal…

9) athha ? atho Brahma jijnasa
Rather, Next Should Better Be The Desire For Liberation !!!

Discussion: If you are born to suffer, god is not benevolent !!! It is not the world or the others went wrong; but the way you see your world… If you are unhappy; then rather next thing you do better be this…

10) athha ? atho Brahma jijnasa
Then & Now; all These Worlds Visible To Eyes and Not; are Created and Sustained By The Desire Of Brahman about Itself…

Discussion: This; I am going for the extended dírkhaadhírkha bhava occult meaning of old devanagari, from which new dissociated script originated around 800BC… Touching the core principle of Sankara in his advaitha doctrine; duality is expounded as an extended desire of unmanifested singularity, in it’s inherent ability to think about itself; with that thought itself acting as catalyst to the manifested duality of creation… Thought was, is & always will be a thing and the nothingness duality conundrum of Sankhya philosophy was not referenced by the intelligence and so the doer and done comes into picture later after nirakara brahman experienced itself as the ultimate desire; as akin to a dream universe…

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Brahma Sutra 1.1.2

Brahma Sutra

 – Sutra 1.1.2



Janmadyasya Yatah – I.1.2

Literal Meaning : Janmadi: origin etc.; Asya: of this (world); Yatah: from which.
(Brahman is that) from which the origin etc., (i.e. the origin, sustenance and dissolution) of this (world proceeds).

Alternates : a) Janmaadi, Asya – This, It’s, yatah – because, since, from… where
b) Janma * Adhya * Asya – Yatah
Adhya – today, present, now (occult meaning: knowledge)…
c) Janma * Aadhya * Asya – Yatah
Aadhya – first, foremost, most important…
d) Janma * Aadi – Asya * Yatah

Alternate Meanings According To Me :

1) Because of Brahman only, the origin & the dimensional evolving of universes leading to dissolution happens & without Brahman, the natural evolution of cosmogony is never bound to happen…

2) Origin & maintenance of THIS (our present visible) universe is because of this… Now if you take my 1-3 of the alternate meaning of first sutra, it may be implied here that the brahmajijnaasu are the people who make and rule their own universes, because they get aligned with the creator realizing, atman is not separate from the whole…
Most of the time, brahmins (those who understand Brahman) when they group together, link alternate meaning of previous sutras and meaning of whole scenario is interpreted exponentially differently… It is the best fun in the world for several days & the real BrahmaYajna… Too bad that there are only a handful of real brahmins in this world now… And they seldom interact with animalistic people of this world…

3) Extending the alternate meaning 10th of first sutra, you can see that the universal consciousness in it’s inherent ability to think and desire about itself, thought about it & duality became… the second sutra in turn explains that this thought was the primary reason for the origin, evolution & extension of the present visible universe… Kabbalistic principle & Egyptian cosmogony, though with hidden symbols; expounds the same meaning for those who have eyes to see & ears to listen…

4) From section b; The first principle was & always is present in the three states of time; refuting the conventional mortal low science discovery of “The Arrow Of Time”. The practical meaning of this would be that, the origin & sustenance of this visible universe is not in a linear; but sphere form in which the origin can be touched by your mind anytime you are willing to forego your past, present & future to live in them all at the same moment… It is the basic principle of Vasishta yoga – “The Confluence Of Opposites”

5) Second occult meaning from section b; “Janmaa+adhya” (as knowledge) “asya yata” – From this…
The Secret Knowledge Of Occult, Tantra, Entities, Lesser Gods, Guardians, Alternate Universes, The Ancient Ones etc. ALL ORIGINATE (Janmaa taken as it’s bhava of action or kriya) from Brahmajijñasa – according to previous verse; or taken literally within the second sutra – From Brahman itself… Both of these concepts can be thought upon for days…

6) Section c; The first & foremost principle of the origin of duality was indeed that; & because of that first principle which originated; all other dependent elements could be readily discerned from the Avýaktha… (Maya in it’s compound form or female principle before it became power)

7) Retro meaning (this is really fun!!!) that implies taking “yatah”as since; joining with the first sutra; you get : Brahmajijñasa is the only way to escape the excruciating recurring pain & agony of the circle of the dream of birth & dying; BECAUSE Origin & everything depending on it is the direct result of THAT… (Again we have split meaning here for Brahman & Desire of Brahman as Sada?iva)
I am only mentioning the most direct meanings of sutras here; but there are literally hundred’s of cross referenced meanings of each sutraas… You could hear them in Brahmayajna Satras by Brahmajnanís in some of the temples in india… But it is becoming less & less popular nowadays… No wonder, people are more interested in developing their animal instincts; then, where is the time for scriptures ???

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Brahma Sutra 1.1.2 was originally published on Divine Aim

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In December 1986 Param Pujya Gurudev Dr. Narayan Dutta Shrimali was invited for addressing gatherings in six places in America on “ Sun Principle and transformation of matter”
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Anima A person who succeeds in identifying his physical form with that of the Lord gains Anima Siddhi. All matter in this universe is made of atoms. The soul within the human body is made of very highly vibrating energy and hence it remains invisible.
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