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Beyond Food

Beyond food is a picture of what extraordinary health looks like today and all the possibilities that are available to the people want to experience maximum health. Hacking our biology, our food options, the emotions we nurture on a daily basis, the affordable transformative technologies that are available on our smartphones and how today’s science comes together with ancient methods of managing your nervous system like… breathing. We traveled all over the US on a mission to interview a group of extraordinary people, courageous pioneers challenging mainstream health advice and sat with them for in-depth, mind-expanding interviews.We personally knew this journey would change us, but we never imagined the degree to which our life would improve, in ways we could have never imagined. We are grateful for this knowledge, tools and this group of amazing humans for opening their doors to us


Beyond Food was originally published on Divine Aim

The Rolling Stones – Ladies and Gentlemen

This Legendary Rolling Stones concert film, shot over four nights in Texas during the “Exile on Main Street” tour in 1972, was released in cinemas for limited engagements in 1974 and has remained largely unseen since. Now, restored and remastered, “Ladies and Gentlemen” makes its first authorised appearance on Film. This is one of the finest Rolling Stones concerts ever captured on film and features outstanding performances of classic tracks from the late sixties and early seventies.

Track List:

1. Brown Sugar 0:03:07
2. Bitch 0:06:54
3. Gimme Shelter 0:11:49
4. Dead Flowers 0:16:29
5. Happy 0:20:35
6. Tumbling Dice 0:23:49
7. Love In Vain 0:29:08
8. Sweet Virginia 0:35:48
9. Can’t Always Get What You Want 0:40:15
10. All Down The Line 0:47:30
11. Midnight Rambler 0:52:11
12. Bye Bye Johnny 1:05:51
13. Rip This Joint 1:09:02
14. Jumpin’ Jack Flash 1:11:36
15. Street Fighting Man 1:15:15


The Rolling Stones – Ladies and Gentlemen was originally published on Divine Aim