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Dream Islands of the Oceans: Tranquil World – Relaxation with Music & Nature

The most beautiful impressions of the famous Ocean Islands such as Maldives, Seychelles, Tahiti, etc. set to a beautiful, relaxing meditative soundtrack. In this “over-civilized” world, don’t we all, at times, feel the desire to go out and live our dreams? A dream of a pleasant warm breeze in harmony with the sound of breaking waves and the graceful chants of nature’s unfamiliar voices. Where or how could this lasting dream be better fulfilled than on a deserted island, a lonely little island far away from everyday life, the island of our dreams? There’s a reason why we all know the saying “need a vacation.” The desire to explore is born within us. Yes, we do want to enjoy more than just the normal things in life. On the one hand, we feel the desire for peace and quiet but on the other hand we have a longing for adventure and a yearning to satisfy our restless desires. The charms of the unknown and the desire for the fascinatingly exotic are what we want to fulfill with our dream of the deserted island. We feel trapped in the cold concrete fortresses of our cities. That’s why we deserve this dream. We succumb to our instincts and live the day from nature’s fruits under palm roofs surrounded by breathtaking scents. We will now go on a visual and virtual trip dedicated to this different kind of dream of the far away and the unknown. The following images and sounds will help to bridge time and space until our dreams become reality. There are still thousands of deserted and seemingly insignificant islands that are not listed in any travel brochure… Sum up the courage and fulfill a dream and set off on the journey. Dream Islands Meditation Soundtrack.


Dream Islands of the Oceans: Tranquil World – Relaxation with Music & Nature was originally published on Divine Aim

Right Brain Left Brain: A Think Thank Production

This season Think Thank heads back in to the human mind with Right Brain Left Brain, a Think Thank double feature. Bringing together snowboarding’s most powerful and talented creative juggernauts Right Brain Left Brain is recreating what it means to be a freestyle snowboarder and how a snowboarder uses their brain to open new amazing possibilities.


Right Brain Left Brain: A Think Thank Production was originally published on Divine Aim

Roy Orbison: Mystery Girl – Unraveled

The discography of Roy Orbison (1936-1988) – which yielded some of the most heartfelt, passionate classics of the rock ‘n’ roll era – shined even brighter with the release of Mystery Girl, the last album Orbison recorded, in 1989. The commercial success of Mystery Girl was nothing short of impressive: the album was a Top 5 hit, eventually earning Orbison his first platinum award for over 1 million sales, and featured the worldwide Top 10 smash “You Got It.” Mystery Girl: Unraveled features a new hour-long documentary on the making of the album, executive produced by Roy’s sons. The documentary includes new interviews with those behind the album including Steve Cropper, Tom Petty, Mick Campbell and Jeff Lynne. In addition there are eight wonderful music videos, including an unreleased alternate video for “She’s a Mystery to Me” and three new videos for “The Way Is Love,” “You Got It” and “California Blue.


Roy Orbison: Mystery Girl – Unraveled was originally published on Divine Aim

Naga the Eternal Yogi

Naked, covered in ash, and quite literally standing for years on end. These are not your typical yoga enthusiasts. They are the holy gurus of India who contort themselves for years on end, dedicating their lives to extreme practices. It’s all in the name of distancing themselves from the material world. They are a menagerie of the weird and the wonderful and travellers come from around the world to consult them. Set in present day India, this documentary is a research of the origins of yoga, and specifically an investigation of the monastic order of the Naga Baba, worshipers of Shiva and Dattatreya. It is a journey that accompanies a young ascetic from this most ancient monastic order of the sub-continent of India, to the most important holidays for Hindus: the Kumbh Mela.This event is the largest gathering of men on earth, both in size and attendance, and it is estimated that during this twenty day celebration that more than 100 million people gravitate to this place. it follows the protagonist, a young ascetic, leaving his temple and reaching the festival in three months, during which he meets friends, gurus, and devotees, giving the filmmakers the chance to interview, compose, and complete the puzzle of this research.


Naga the Eternal Yogi was originally published on Divine Aim

Miso Hungry

Imagine eating nothing but traditional, authentic Japanese cooking for 12 weeks. What sort of health benefits would this kind of diet have on one’s body? It is widely known that the Japanese live the healthiest and longest lives in the developed world. But what is it about their lifestyle, diet and culture that makes this so? In “Miso Hungry”, award-winning actor and comedian Craig Anderson sets out on a dieting experiment towards better health by eating nothing but traditional Japanese cooking for 12 weeks. Through a series of entertaining and educational scenarios filled with culinary secrets and cultural chaos, Craig investigates how the traditional Japanese diet, along with their active lifestyles, results in the Japanese population being the healthiest and longest living people on the planet. “Miso Hungry” is a light-hearted documentary about one man’s journey to find a simple, painless path towards a healthier life.


Miso Hungry was originally published on Divine Aim

The Beatles: Sgt Pepper & Beyond: It Was Fifty Years Ago Today!

On 1st June, 1967 The Beatles released their ground-breaking studio album…Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

Described by Rolling Stone magazine as “The most important rock & roll album ever made”, it marked a pivotal moment in the 60’s and went on to become one of the biggest selling records of all time. Combining firsthand accounts of the events with rare and unseen footage forensically unearthed from mainstream archives and private collectors, this new music documentary by acclaimed director Alan G. Parker, picks up on the band as they end their grueling tour schedule in August 1966 (coincidentally following on from Ron Howard’s Eight Days A Week) to return to the studio to record this landmark album.

This insightful and revealing film journeys through various solo projects to the release of ‘Strawberry Fields Forever / Penny Lane’, touching on Flower Power, John Lennon meeting Yoko Ono, LSD, Meditation, Jimi Hendrix, the death of Brian Epstein, Abbey Road Studios and the Magical Mystery Tour.

Directed by Alan G. Parker, an Emmy nominated music director whose credits include: Hello Quo, Monty Python: Almost The Truth / Who Killed Nancy? / Rebel Truce: The History Of The Clash).


The Beatles: Sgt Pepper & Beyond: It Was Fifty Years Ago Today! was originally published on Divine Aim

Lost in Religion

“I’d choose Christianity”, Marc’s aunt tells him, her hands moving expressively, her eyes full of earnestness. “Not because I’m Christian myself, but because your child will grow up in this society”. Unfortunately choosing a religion if you are not religious is not so simple, as Marc finds out when he consults Father Lipke of the Catholic Re-entry Office in Munich. “Children can tell if their parents don’t identify with the religion, so parents shouldn’t do that”. That’s just what Marc was afraid of, having to embrace the religion of his children, “Isn’t there an easier way?”

So Marc turns to the rest of his family, looking for guidance on all things spiritual. However, none of them are willing to offer him an easy answer. “If you say all directions are okay, you give them the chance to have one”, his sister the Shaman tells him. How very Zen, but will every direction really be okay for Marc’s children? His Catholic mother-in-law says there is at least one path they shouldn’t take. “That overly pious Catholic attitude is not for me”, she’d prefer them to be Protestant.

Confounded by his family he must turn to the professionals. Pastor Barry Sloan has a simple answer for him, “God gives life meaning”, but for Marc that’s just a little too glib, he wants something more tangible, an experience. “Through Yoga I found a new concept of the divine”, says the Yoga teacher of his sound technician. “Proof of God is bound to your own consciousness, you have to make that shift happen”, he extols but unfortunately for Marc deep meditation proves something of a challenge. “Ten minutes without thinking about daily problems … I can’t manage it”.

Despite his religious journey, Marc can’t quite embrace any god. But he is willing to support his children in whatever faith they choose and hopes they might one day shed light on the mysteries of the unknown. “I’ll refrain from caustic remarks and if my kids ‘get religion’ some day, maybe they can help me get it too”.


Lost in Religion was originally published on Divine Aim

Pink Floyd: Behind the Wall

Selling over 200 million records worldwide, Pink Floyd has produced some of the most celebrated music in Rock history. Roger Waters, Syd Barrett, David Gilmour, Richard Wright and Nick Mason were at the frontier of the progressive rock movement; wielding a unique and revolutionary sound that pushed the boundaries of musical expression, mixing the newest techniques and technology with classic guitar riffs, powerful solos and haunting vocals. Pink Floyd s music was inimitable, psychedelic and utterly astounding. Throughout a career spanning nearly four decades, Pink Floyd have produced innumerable masterpieces, enjoyed tremendous success, suffered great tragedy and endured a bitter and public division which became legendary in its self. This is a tale of the rise of one of the greatest rock bands in the world. The programme includes very personal contemporary interviews with the band which is dispersed between rare footage clips of them on stage and on video. This is the definitive story of Pink Floyd, from The Piper at the Gates of Dawn to The Division Bell and all stops in between.


Pink Floyd: Behind the Wall was originally published on Divine Aim

Crusty Demons 16: Outback Attack

The Crusty boys are back at it. After traveling around the world and jumping over, in and through some of the most exotic and coveted locations ever discovered, filmmakers Jon Freeman and Dana Nicholson decided to dedicate their new film to the island of Australia! Showcasing the best of the best from this fertile island including Maddo, Jacko, Bilko, Sinclair, Sauly, and the insane new breed following in their footsteps, witness the do or die attitude that catapulted these extraordinary Aussies onto the worldwide stage!


Crusty Demons 16: Outback Attack was originally published on Divine Aim

The Beatles: A Celebration

A visual and cultural history of the Beatles. Packed with dozens of never before seen film clips, ultra rare photographs and exclusive interviews, John, Paul, George and Ringo come alive in this intelligent, compelling, inside glimpse into the inner-circle of the greatest music group ever. Included in this all-star production are not only the Beatles themselves, but other well known insiders like Lennon Intimates; Frederic Seaman and Yoko Ono. Also lending their exclusive insights are former Beatle Pete Best, The Maharishi and Eric Clapton. Also included is, Beatlemania!, a rare newsreel documenting the Beatles arrival in London after their triumphant U.S. tour. For the casual fan, committed Beatlemaniac or serious student of pop culture, this program is a magical mystery tour of sights and sounds of an era whose incredible force is still being felt today. This program contains no music by the Beatles and is not an authorized product by their firm Apple Corp Ltd. or any of their associated companies or concerns. All interviews and archival material have been processed using the latest digital technology to insure optimal reproduction.


The Beatles: A Celebration was originally published on Divine Aim