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Conversations Beyond Proof of Heaven

A passionate recounting of Dr. Alexander’s experience being brain dead for a week – a near-death experience unlike any other ever detailed. Become part of the conversation about Soul School, consciousness, time, and the divine plan of the Universe.


Conversations Beyond Proof of Heaven was originally published on Divine Aim

Becoming Truly Human

BECOMING TRULY HUMAN looks at the rise of the “Nones” (or those who check “none of the above” on religion surveys). Multiple research groups report that this group has risen from roughly 6% of the U.S. population in the 1990s to 25% as of 2015. To date, little research exists on this growing demographic. The film follows Basil as he speaks with seven Nones, each of whom shares his or her story of how he or she moved from religious affiliation to religious non-affiliation. Basil hears from each of the seven individually and as a group, as they share their respective views about religion, the world, God, the afterlife, and much more. Woven throughout the film, Basil shares his own journey from religious affiliation in his youth to religious non-affiliation in adulthood, and how his quest for spiritual wholeness ultimately took him from being a None to becoming something else entirely.


Becoming Truly Human was originally published on Divine Aim

Beware Of Angels

It started as a Bible study and ended in murder. The Halstead murder case is presented along with other true stories about supernatural beings manifesting as angels from heaven, spirits of the dead, ascended masters and aliens.


Beware Of Angels was originally published on Divine Aim