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Sanskrit, Tibetan and Buddhadharma Resources Online

Compilation of Sanskrit Documents in Devanagari display
and transliteration format. In addition to the sanskrit
texts, you will find here various tools for learning
Sanskrit such as the Online Sanskrit Dictionary,
Sanskrit Tutorials, Sanskrit Pronunciation guides, and
software for learning Sanskrit and producing documents
in Devanagari & Roman formats, and much more. You can
generate display in Devanagari or other scripts using
the web-interface

The entire release,
including both open and restricted texts, totals over
200 previously unreleased titles from the classics of
traditional Asian philosophy in the Tibetan language.
This also marks the first time that an ACIP release is
being made primarily over the World Wide Web, a
milestone in instant availability for our users, and a
great savings to the Project financially.

GutenBerg –  A great site with excellent mirror
sites all over the world for faster downloading and
simple note pad form of e-books. Ahuge collection of
free e-books for all kinds of audiences.

This page is created to consolidate various links
related to Sanskrit.

This online library is an
independent project by Mike Presky. There are about 30
complete ebooks here. An eclectic collection from
various places and periods. About 5000 separate web
pages in total, each in what is effectively its own
site. They vary in size. Some have hundreds of pages.
Herodotus, with 1500 pages, is the biggest.

Budhist site

Sri Ramakrishna

Psychology Links



Carl Jung

Sigmund Freud




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