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Time as we know exists only in our thoughts and memories. The ordinary reality we perceive is not just one universe. It is the harmony of phases of movements of an indefinite number of universes. So all things are possible, but some things are more probable!!! and We exists in all universes simultaneously.

A wall of light separates us from other realities (Theory of Relativity- A. Einstein, Hermann Minkowski’s Theories, Lorentz Equations). The wall of Light in three dimensions is an expanding sphere of light. When quantum waves act outside the sphere of light; we can feel events which are normally considered impossible! (David Bohm’s Quantum Potential Energy & Wheeler’s Wormhole and Quantum Foam Theories)

The circle of life is the eternal wheel of Karma, which rotates a human mind around millions of dream experiences which are best compared to our software game programs. The circle in our world has our sun as the source of photns which is placed on the top as the first house in vedic astrology and the seventh house or Nature as mother or Kshetra or feminine principle, which is the condensed form of material creation. The three dimensional nature is having power of consciousness embedded in it, which can be accessed through the special X chromosome, that is hidden between the ordinary ones in mothers genetic material; and is patterned by the thought process of Brahma- The creator God from the free quantum foam ( Bohm’s QPE) by his express will power, lent from the supreme conscousness at the beginning of creation after a great period of pralaya or dissolution of all the dream elements into the ocean of supreme reality.

Each soul wants to experience these dream worlds by their own will and each and every tiny wishes of these souls would be fulfilled till the beginning of the next dissoultion. The small catch in this whole scenario is that as souls we knew this fact before, but as time began to have it’s effect upon the soul’s mirrored companion called jiva, ( this is where our backup program has it’s secret! that soul would always be inert and it can never be affected by maya or thus karma; but it’s freeware program of jiva is the one which enjoys, gets depressed and drools over dream world beauties to become ensnared within worldly attachments by it’s own little instrument called ‘mind’) they were reluctant to remember the reality more often, thus of the billions of tiny creative points, which became convinced that they are indeed are mothing other than the material bodies they wear; some became angels, seraphims, reptilian, and other countless extra terrestrial races, and some got trapped in the beautiful earth’s atmosphere in waves of cosmic transfer. We are so in the present condition being uplifted from this beautiful virtual game program, into which we ourselves willed to be included. So, the worm holes like this webpage you are reading, are specially designed to elevate you to the truth that you are at any moment free to decide and pull that plug to return to conscousness. The stumbling blocks are the wishes and desires we made and longed for in the millions of incarnations before and these have to be fulfilled or nullified along with some of those you make in your present life.

The circle of life as depicted in the sephirah or Holy Cabbalah, in the vedic astrology or all western astrological treatises; essentially consists of the twelve cardinal points of the solar system, in which the first and seventh points come in the top and bottom respectively with sun in the first as positive energy with photons as positronic energy, and the seventh house as neative energy giving basis for creation as electrons, ovum with ovary, or mother of nature and happiness in material life. So, it becomes essential that if you are not able to make happy your girlfriend or female partner, try to make happy your mother or another female principle, so that they would be able to support your case in the domain of maya, and thus make your life on her domain a little bit easier.

On the other hand, females can be a little bit considerate with their counter parts of male principle or photonic energy, as they are only visitors in the electronic domain of negative principle, so the confusion and frustration that they experience being manly in this incarnation is natural, for they would know in a male chromosome structure that this is not their home and they would have a faint glimpse of the legacy when they were free and zooming past the universes ( leading to total lack of commitment to family or society); with the Y chromosome DNA double helix being special in having a genetic window or worm hole through the singularity present in a microblackhole at it’s center. The most funny thing but about the male and female bodies is the fact that jiva, after having a man’s body and lusted for a woman’s body; has the chance of incarnating as a female with the same body features in the next life and would be searching for a man who should be having a body similar to the one she had in her previous life!



Circle Of Life was originally published on Divine Aim