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Leap of Faith

In a tour-de-force performance, Steve Martin plays Reverend Jonas Nightengale, a slick-as-oil flimflam man who’ll trade salvation for a donation to his touring ministry. Jonas knows how to work a crowd and a con, but his works of wonder are done with mirrors and smoke. When his tour bus breaks down, Jonas pitches his tent in impoverished Rustwater, Kansas. While his alluring manager (Debra Winger) tries to persuade the local sheriff (Liam Neeson) not to close the show, Jonas sets his sights on a beautiful skeptic named Marva (Lolita Davidovich). But making a believer out of Marva is going to take a real miracle.


Leap of Faith was originally published on Divine Aim


The Talent Given Us

Crossword puzzles, supermarket runs… Judy and Allen fill in the small moments of their commonplace marriage as best they can. When they run into two former teachers of their son Andrew, they learn of a job opportunity for him. Unfortunately, Andrew is distant in location and in family relations. Suddenly realizing she must embark on a quest to repair that, Judy takes Allen on a cross-country trip to see Andrew and work things out. After they rope in their two unmarried daughters, the family is forced to come together, for better or worse.


The Talent Given Us was originally published on Divine Aim

The Secret Mummies of Lisbon

At the request of the Catholic Church in Lisbon, members of the Royal Archeology and Historical Association (RAHA) of Portugal excavate 78 mummies in a crypt beneath the altar of the Sacramento Church in Lisbon. In the course of excavation the researchers find handwritten books indicating there is a large amount of treasure near the Mummies.


The Secret Mummies of Lisbon was originally published on Divine Aim

A Breath of Hope

A Breath of Hope is the story of 27-year-old Rachel Nates – struck by the extremely rare and incapacitating lung disease, LAM, in the prime of her life – and her search for a lung donor. Told over the course of a single week in 2008 and through flashbacks of the months leading up to one fateful day, we watch as Rachel and her husband, Brian, wrestle with the monotony, pain, and frustration of awaiting an organ donor. With every struggle to catch her breath, we feel more deeply Rachel’s pain and her helplessness, as she waits for the miracle that destiny may never deliver.


A Breath of Hope was originally published on Divine Aim

Holiday Affair

Classic Christmas romantic comedy stars Janet Leigh (“Psycho,” Touch of Evil”) as a poor young widow torn between a boring successful businessman and a romantic ne’er-do-well. Oscar-nominee Robert Mitchum (“Cape Fear,” “Crossfire”) and Wendell Corey (“Rear Window,” “Sorry, Wrong Number”) co-star.


Holiday Affair was originally published on Divine Aim

Gun Shy

Liam Neeson and Oliver Platt star with Sandra Bullock in an outrageously offbeat comedy about what happens when a busy undercover cop suddenly loses his legendary nerves of steel! The only way Charlie (Neeson), a respected D.E.A. agent traumatized by a hair-raising run-in with some ruthless gangsters, can do his job is with the embarrassing treatments of an attractive nurse (Bullock) and the questionable psychotherapy provided by a highly unstable support group! And since he’s stuck in a deep-cover sting operation until he nabs a wisecracking, trigger-happy Mafia leader who scares him to death (Platt), Charlie can only hope to fake his tough-as-nails image long enough to make this one last bust … and make it out alive! Loaded with huge stars and big laughs — you can’t miss with this high-caliber comedy hit!


Gun Shy was originally published on Divine Aim

The Scarapist

HYPNOSIS. DRUGS. KIDNAPPING. MURDER. Suburban novelist Lana (Jeanne Marie Spicuzza, “Field Day”) is entangled in a web of perversity, insanity and violence by her psychotherapist, Ilse (Katy Colloton, “Teachers”). With the help of her minions (R. Michael Gull, “Dust”), Ilse sets out to destroy Lana and her family. Based on a true story.


The Scarapist was originally published on Divine Aim