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Feng Shui: The Art of Creating Harmony & Balance in Your Home

The age-old oriental art form of Feng-Shui has been a way of life for millions of people over the centuries and today it is becoming an increasingly popular practice in the Western world. With the aim of creating harmony and balance, Feng-Shui can be the perfect way to help regain control and calmness over the everyday stresses and strains of life. This program is specially designed to help you achieve a more harmonious living environment by showing you how to apply some very simple and inexpensive Feng-Shui methods. A strategically placed plant, a splash of color, or a couple of calming candles are just a few of the simple ways you can incorporate Feng-Shui into your home or workplace, and there are many more suggestions to discover in this intriguing program. With a fascinating look at Feng-Shui philosophy, and an enormous range of useful tips, people from all walks of life can benefit from this inspiring look into Feng-Shui practice. This program makes the perfect introduction to the subject, however, it is only through yourself that you will be able to judge and experience the true value of Feng-Shui.

You will learn how to: Create harmony and balance in your home • Dispel negative energy and create a clutter-free and organized environment • Learn the fundamental principles of this ancient art form, including the magic square, your personal star number, and the five Chinese elements • Understand the different sectors of your home, and learn how they can improve your relationships, creativity, career, health, wealth, and more • Use aromatherapy, plants, mirrors and lighting to encourage the free flow of positive energy • Decorate with harmonious colors, shapes and materials based on your personal star number • Apply Feng-Shui principles to your garden and your work place to promote well-being and prosperity.


Feng Shui: The Art of Creating Harmony & Balance in Your Home was originally published on Divine Aim


The Strongest Man

Playing off Miami’s complicated cultural and social strata, The Strongest Man follows Beef, an anxiety-ridden Cuban construction worker, and his Korean friend Conan, as their lives get bumped off track the moment they agree to attend a spiritual meditation class. Not fully understanding the metaphor, Beef and Conan embark on a journey to find their respective spirit animals on the streets of Miami, where both wild dogs and chickens run rampant. Conan’s relationship with his family crumbles, as Beef’s relationship with his neighbor, a young woman named Illi, begins.


The Strongest Man was originally published on Divine Aim

Bal Ganesh 2

The Elephant god is loved, adored and worshipped by millions worldwide. He, who is considered as the God of Gods, was once a cute little child. Bal Ganesha depicts the early years of Ganesh. It portrays the enlightening tales of Ganesh as derived from the Puranas. Bal Ganesh 2, is twice the fun and entertainment. This second installment in the franchise explores new adventures of Bal Ganesh. It is a visual treat for the entire family.


Bal Ganesh 2 was originally published on Divine Aim

Necessary Evil

Deborah Fielding, seeker of the truth, will stop at nothing to uncover the layers of corruption that lie deep within the walls of Edgewater Psychiatric Institute, even if the cost is her life. In a series of twisted events, this budding investigative journalist unlocks a Pandora’s box of deceit. As she confronts uncertainties, authorities and demons from her past, she realizes they have been dwelling closer than she thought. What she finds is that her seemingly perfect life is nothing more than a perfect lie.


Necessary Evil was originally published on Divine Aim

Breaking and Entering

The Guinness World of Records contains the most bizarre human achievements imaginable. But who are the crazy people behind the feats? From the grape catchers, to the hula hoopers and the ?jogglers?, this humorous, but strikingly insightful documentary introduces us to the colourful characters who devote their lives to the oddest frontiers of human excellence. A delightfully eccentric human odyssey that is not to be missed.


Breaking and Entering was originally published on Divine Aim

The Tribe Of Misfits

What happened to the Tribe? – Casey is a teenager with telekinesis who starts a social movement with his friends. After an encounter with a criminal gang the teens disappear. Only a blood stained house and a video journey were left behind. Misfits is an entertaining look at the desire to change the world. Similar to “Cloverfield,” Project X,” and others, we tell our story through the eyes of the camera


The Tribe Of Misfits was originally published on Divine Aim

Red Reign: The Bloody Harvest of China’s Prisoners

Red Reign exposes forced organ harvesting in China of prisoners of conscience, Falun Gong, who’s tenets are truth compassion and tolerance as told by Nobel Prize nominee, David Matas.


Red Reign: The Bloody Harvest of China’s Prisoners was originally published on Divine Aim