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Bomb City

Winter 1997. Amarillo, Texas. Brian Deneke is known for his green mohawk and undying passion for punk music. He throws punk shows with his friends at a rundown venue known as “Bomb City.” And Brian, along with many of his fellow “punks,” refuses to conform to the conservative culture that surrounds them. Their radical appearances stir social intolerance within the community, particularly with Cody Cates, a high school jock who assimilates to a pack known as “white-hatters.” After losing a football game, Cody and a few other white-hatters have an altercation with several of the punks. This conflict ignites a series of hostile encounters between the two groups, climaxing one evening with a horrific, violent street fight. The night would soon become notorious for being one of the most controversial hate crimes in modern American culture. Based on a true story.


Bomb City was originally published on Divine Aim


Cinderella and Jan, the fortune teller, try to help Nicolas (the violinist) convince the parents of his beloved Variel (the Marquis and Marchioness), to let him marry their daughter in spite of the class difference. Unfortunately, this attempt fails miserably. However, with a convincing speech, Charles persuades the two lovebirds to elope, thereby saving the day.


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WHAT I WOULD GIVE TO LIVE A FANTASTIC LOVE STORY | CINDERELLA | Episode 11 | English was originally published on Divine Aim

Miso Hungry

Imagine eating nothing but traditional, authentic Japanese cooking for 12 weeks. What sort of health benefits would this kind of diet have on one’s body? It is widely known that the Japanese live the healthiest and longest lives in the developed world. But what is it about their lifestyle, diet and culture that makes this so? In “Miso Hungry”, award-winning actor and comedian Craig Anderson sets out on a dieting experiment towards better health by eating nothing but traditional Japanese cooking for 12 weeks. Through a series of entertaining and educational scenarios filled with culinary secrets and cultural chaos, Craig investigates how the traditional Japanese diet, along with their active lifestyles, results in the Japanese population being the healthiest and longest living people on the planet. “Miso Hungry” is a light-hearted documentary about one man’s journey to find a simple, painless path towards a healthier life.


Miso Hungry was originally published on Divine Aim

Dick Tracy vs. Cueball

Luxurious diamonds are stolen but before the thief can safely hide them aboard an ocean liner he is strangled by ex-conman Cueball. He takes the gems and then continues on murdering people that he believes are trying to swindle him. Tess, the attractive girlfriend of Dick Tracy acts on his behalf as a buyer for the diamonds. But this plan backfires when Tess is captureed by Cueball.


Dick Tracy vs. Cueball was originally published on Divine Aim

Wisdomkeepers, Paqo Andino

Wisdomkeepers, Paqo Andino is an inspirational film conveying the heart-based intelligence and celestially integrated lifeways of the Andean Holy Mountain Tradition. Recorded on location in the Peruvian highlands, this intimate documentary takes viewers on a journey into the heart of an ancient spiritual lineage to experience the practical and mystical lifeways that have sustained one of this planet’s few unbroken wisdom traditions. Andean Paqos, known as maestros of The Living Energy, form an unbroken lineage of wisdomkeepers who have helped steward humanity’s holistic intelligence since time immemorial. Paqos are not shaman. They are spiritual intermediaries.


Wisdomkeepers, Paqo Andino was originally published on Divine Aim

Adele and Everything After

Marty had a heart condition that made her pass out every day. Adele was a cardiac alert service dog who could literally sense the beating of Marty’s heart and save her from fainting. They were the perfect team. They were soulmates. But nothing can last forever, and as the time comes for Adele’s retirement, Marty must figure out how to let go of her best friend and find a new partner who can take over the job of protecting her heart. With Adele by her side, Marty went from being unable to walk around the block without passing out, to leading an adventurous, joy-filled life as a wife, mother and artist. She doesn’t want to go back to how it was before Adele, but going forward is just as scary. The film follows Marty and Adele on the rocky, painful, but ultimately life-affirming journey to letting go.


Adele and Everything After was originally published on Divine Aim


Nigel and Oscar have finally gotten funding for their Sasquatch expedition! But when their guide bails and rival Claus also joins the hunt, they must assemble a ragtag crew of outdoorsmen to be first to track down the undiscovered beast.


Sasq-watch! was originally published on Divine Aim