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The Rolling Stones – Ladies and Gentlemen

This Legendary Rolling Stones concert film, shot over four nights in Texas during the “Exile on Main Street” tour in 1972, was released in cinemas for limited engagements in 1974 and has remained largely unseen since. Now, restored and remastered, “Ladies and Gentlemen” makes its first authorised appearance on Film. This is one of the finest Rolling Stones concerts ever captured on film and features outstanding performances of classic tracks from the late sixties and early seventies.

Track List:

1. Brown Sugar 0:03:07
2. Bitch 0:06:54
3. Gimme Shelter 0:11:49
4. Dead Flowers 0:16:29
5. Happy 0:20:35
6. Tumbling Dice 0:23:49
7. Love In Vain 0:29:08
8. Sweet Virginia 0:35:48
9. Can’t Always Get What You Want 0:40:15
10. All Down The Line 0:47:30
11. Midnight Rambler 0:52:11
12. Bye Bye Johnny 1:05:51
13. Rip This Joint 1:09:02
14. Jumpin’ Jack Flash 1:11:36
15. Street Fighting Man 1:15:15


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Hollywood’s leading funnyman Sinbad drops in for domestic laughs and comical chaos in this outrageously funny comedy the whole family will love. Con artist Kevin Franklin (Sinbad) is in a jam. On the run from the mob, his only escape is to impersonate the long-lost friend of an uptight lawyer (hilarious comedian Phil Hartman) — and move in with his dysfunctional family but pretending to be a wine expert, a golf pro and a world-famous dentist is no easy task. It’s not long before his good-natured hosts discover the scam — and the mob discovers his whereabouts. Wildly entertaining and full of surprises, HOUSEGUEST brings home a delightful mix of charades, calamities and colourful comedy! 1994 Hollywood Pictures Company, All Rights Reserved


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MODERN TRUE SHIA SPIRITUAL YOGA ASHURA MEDITATION (Zahra Orbit) (Hussaini Brahmans Warriors Heroes Meditation) (Ya Zahra) Mahatma Gandhi ? “I learned from Hussain how to be wronged and be a winner, I learnt from Hussain how to attain victory while being oppressed.” Hindu Hussaini Brahmins Sea Deep Shia Meditation Ashura Nature Music 72 Shia Warriors against a? fascist army of 100000, & Hussain Won. & Still Victorious.

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The Kingdom Within

The film began as a response to a couple of evangelical Christian pastors referring to yoga as ‘demonic’ and ‘against Christianity’. While not all Christians have these sentiments, there are many Christians that are conflicted about their yoga practice. The central premise of this film is based on a yogic interpretation of a famous Bible verse: that the Kingdom of Heaven cannot be observed, for it is within you (Luke 17:21). As a compilation of interviews from yogis, Christians, and scholars comparing these ancient spiritual systems, director Bob Peck uses this documentary to examine why or how they might have a compatible application with one another.


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Three stoner buddies throw a house party that ends in flames after two thugs burn the house down. Now in debt and desperate, the three concoct a half-baked plan to rob a medical marijuana club while posing as police officers. Unfortunately, this club is secretly owned by a drug kingpin who dispatches the feared Four Horseman thugs to kill them. This pursuit sends a wave of violence across Oakland as the assassins off hippies, ninjas, naked clowns, and just about anyone who stands in their way.


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OSHO: Bringing Up Children

Osho sets out an unusual vision about the right way to help a child grow without interfering in his natural potential, responding to the question:

“What is the right way to help a child grow without interfering in his natural potentiality?” —

For Osho true education consists in not helping our children but to let them grow free, to develop natural talents and reach an unknowable potential as unique and unrepeatable individuals: “Your concern should be to take away all the dangers, but not to interfere with the child; let them go their own way”, he says. In this talk, with his singular perspective, Osho analyzes the life of a human being, demonstrating amongst his other insights, that the first seven years have a determinant powerful significance on a child’s growth.

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Bob Marley – Classic Album: Catch a Fire

Track List:

Opening 00:00
1.Slave Driver & Stir it Up 00:23
2.Rock it Baby 17:36
3.Stop the Train 24:22
4.High Tide or Low Tide 26:14
5.No More Trouble 30:26
6.Concrete Jungle 41:11
7.Get up Stand Up 50:00
Credits 59:18

In the late ’60s, the notion that reggae would become more than just a novelty act would have been laughed at. To break into the mainstream, the movement needed a powerful voice of prophetic proportions. This voice emerged from the collective work of three pioneering friends from Jamaica, Peter Tosh, Bunny Wailer, and Robert Nesta Marley, who sought to bring about an ideological revolution through deeply meditative, hypnotic, and spiritual music. Catch a Fire was the Wailers’ and reggae’s introduction to the world and turned Bob Marley into a mega-icon of enormous proportions. It was the first album to remain true to the traditions of reggae music while having enough elements that were accessible to popular culture.


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