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Chaar Sahibzaade

Chaar Sahibzaade is the India’s first Animated Punjabi Historical Drama based on a history of Sikhism, ideology of love, compassion and sacrifice; being the core principles of the Sikh religion. The film traces the journey of 10th Sikh Guru Gobind Singh’s four warrior sons Ajit Singh, Juzhaar Singh, Jorvar Singh and Fateh Singh. The story begins with invasion of India by Mughal and Turkish kings, and the protector Guru Tegh Bahadur (9th Guru of Sikhs) sacrifices his life for raising the voice against the persecution of Kashmiri Hindus. The film depicts the Battle of Chamkaur which took place in December, 1704 AD on which 40 men commanded by Guru Gobind Singh, founder of Khalsa, fought bravely against a vast army of Mughal forces led by Wazir Khan. The valiant Sikh warriors were outnumbered but countered the invading forces with martyrdom. (CBFC U DIL/1/156/2014-MUM)


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BrahmaSutra 1.1.1


– SUTRA 1.1.1 brahmasutra1.1.1




“Athhatho Brahmajijnasa” – 1.1.1

athha: now, then, afterwards;
atho: therefore; (It is Not ‘atah’, as in Sivananda Translation)
Brahmajijnasa: a desire, curiosity for the real knowledge of Creator

Sanskirt – The Language Of Gods – is the most flexible language, You can easily interpret even exactly opposite assumptions from the same shlokas… Just like an equally old but picto language like Sumerian (Language Of The Lesser Gods)…
Thus; The Eternal Conflict Between Saankhýã & advàithã…

||| Sankara Bhashyam Literal Meaning:
Now, Therefore, The Enquiry Into Brahman…

Discussion: “So; The time has come to discuss about Desire To Know Brahman…”

||| alternate Meanings Used BY ME For Brahma Manana Yaj?a :

athha : Then, Certainly, afterwards, But, auspicious, else, Moreover, What ? (In Context), Rather, How Else, Then?, Thereupon, after This, also, More…
atho : Next, Likewise, Now…

1) athha~atho Brahmajijnasa:
Then Only The Discussion about Brahman… after The Curiosity arises…

Discussion: Brahmajijnasu are the only people qualified to be taught the Secret knowledge of Brahman…

2) athha atho Brahmajijnasa:
Then, Next arises The Desire To Know Brahman…

Discussion: as for Rama in YogaVasiShta, the longing for eternal knowledge arises only after the stages of attachment, pain, suffering & understanding…

3) athha, atho Brahmajijnsa:
Definitely, Then Desire For The Eternal Would Bubble Up In The Fortunate…

Discussion: In a person with the required qualities specified in upanishads, there would definitely arise the curiosity of the unknown & eternal…

4) athha; atho Brahmajijnasa ?
But; Wait, Would There Be a Desire For Eternal For Normal People ?

Discussion: In this age of world, even if we hear, learn or teach how much ever or whatever, Maya is so powerful, that people get disillusioned & estranged…

5) athha-atho Brahmajijnasa:
May Be afterwards, There Can Be a Likewise Change Resembling Desire For That…

Discussion: Even though there is very little chance for earth bound people to be spiritually fortunate, some of the atma light forms, just after few human incarnations developed from animal group souls, gain in one life, sudden interest in the eternal; may be by s?wa, ya?na, sa??an, prarthana or mantra… This interest which may resemble the real thing may soon fade away, depending on the grade & intensity of positive influence…

6) athha atho Brahma ajijnasa
alas! But Now; What Brahmajijnasa ? There Is Only Pure Desire For The Opposite !!!

Discussion: I like this one because, this reflects present state of 99% of the souls incarnated in india… Pity !!! & wastage of Jivas as body vehicles…

7) athha : atho Brahmajijnasa
But; Next Would Be The Revelation; When You Least Expect It…

Discussion: This is indirectly praise for constant effort & the results would be bestowed as a surprise…
Heavenly Wind Mills Chug Slow Blue, But Work So True…

8 ) athha | atho Brahma jijnasa
Certainly; Now IS The Time For Desire Of Brahman…

Discussion: If you think this is not the right time, age, place, situation or more for this spiritual thing; then you are sooo wrong… This is the best and foremost time for inquiry into the eternal…

9) athha ? atho Brahma jijnasa
Rather, Next Should Better Be The Desire For Liberation !!!

Discussion: If you are born to suffer, god is not benevolent !!! It is not the world or the others went wrong; but the way you see your world… If you are unhappy; then rather next thing you do better be this…

10) athha ? atho Brahma jijnasa
Then & Now; all These Worlds Visible To Eyes and Not; are Created and Sustained By The Desire Of Brahman about Itself…

Discussion: This; I am going for the extended dírkhaadhírkha bhava occult meaning of old devanagari, from which new dissociated script originated around 800BC… Touching the core principle of Sankara in his advaitha doctrine; duality is expounded as an extended desire of unmanifested singularity, in it’s inherent ability to think about itself; with that thought itself acting as catalyst to the manifested duality of creation… Thought was, is & always will be a thing and the nothingness duality conundrum of Sankhya philosophy was not referenced by the intelligence and so the doer and done comes into picture later after nirakara brahman experienced itself as the ultimate desire; as akin to a dream universe…

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BrahmaSutra 1.1.1 was originally published on Divine Aim

The Long Way Back: The Story of Todd Z-Man Zalkins

After losing his childhood friend Bradley Nowell of Sublime to a heroin overdose, Todd Zalkins (aka “Z-Man”) spirals into prescription pill addiction. His epic battle with opioid painkillers brings sharp focus to the nation’s Opioid Epidemic, what experts are calling the worst drug crisis in US history.

Todd suffers through a torturous detox including forty-four days with no sleep. Against extreme odds, he survives his 17-year dependency. Filled with gratitude for his new-found lease on life, Todd dedicates his life to helping those who struggle from the disease of addiction.  He becomes an intervention specialist and writes a book, “Dying for Triplicate,” detailing his journey into recovery. 

In a twist of fate, Todd is presented with an opportunity to help Bradley Nowell’s son, Jakob, who at twenty-years old is battling his own addiction to drugs and alcohol.  “As devastating as it was to lose our only son, the only thing that could be worse would be losing Jake, ” says Bradley’s father, Jim “Papa” Nowell. 

A story of redemption, and recovery, The Long Way Back shatters the stigma of addiction and gives hope to those struggling to get clean.


The Long Way Back: The Story of Todd Z-Man Zalkins was originally published on Divine Aim

A One World Agenda: The Illuminati

There is an elite group that controls the world. They run governments, companies and religions. They have controlled what you perceive for centuries and while their names and faces have changed, their bloodlines remain the same.


A One World Agenda: The Illuminati was originally published on Divine Aim

Sarkar 3

Ram Gopal Verma is back with the third installment of the Sarkar franchise where politics is about to ascend new heights and revenge is on everyone’s mind. Annu Karkare (Yami Gautam), who blames Subhash Nagre (Amitabh Bachchan) for her father’s death is determined to see the fall of Sarkar, and supporting her is none other than Subhash’s (Amitabh Bachchan) grandson Cheeku (Amit Sadh) making the fight a personal battle. Will Sarkar let politics ruin his family yet again or will he finally set things right?


Sarkar 3 was originally published on Divine Aim

Vighnaharta Shree Siddhivinayak

Manav Mehta is a successful industrialist. His business is taking him places but his personal life is a little shaken. His parents leave his house because he is discourteous, unsympathetic and curt, so they move to Pune to start a new life in an old age home.

On his way to work his car breaks down, a mechanic approaches him and offers to fix the car. Not knowing what to do, he visits the Siddhivinayak temple nearby. As he enters, all his childhood memories of visiting the temple with his parents come back to him. When the temple priest recognizes him, he tells him how he was born after his parent’s prayers. At this time Manav’s heart melts and he sincerely prays for the lord’s blessings upon him.

The miracles of Siddhivinayak start unfolding in his life when all his employees co-operate and things get better. The film ends on a happy note where Shree Siddhivinayak’s power and blessings get Manav out of all the trouble and brings his family life back on track.


Vighnaharta Shree Siddhivinayak was originally published on Divine Aim

Nirvana – Kurt Cobain: About a Son

An intimate and moving meditation on the late musician and artist Kurt Cobain, based on more than 25 hours of previously unheard audiotaped interviews conducted with Cobain by noted music journalist Michael Azerrad for his book “Come As You Are: The Story of Nirvana.” In the film, Kurt Cobain recounts his own life – from his childhood and adolescence to his days of musical discovery and later dealings with explosive fame – and offers often piercing insights into his life, music, and times. The conversations heard in the film have never before been made public and they reveal a highly personal portrait of an artist much discussed but not particularly well understood.

Track List:

1. Home place 0:00:17
2. Average geek 0:12:33
3. The Rock 0:24:00
4. Childhood 0:38:19
5. Bussiness 0:49:10
6. The Mood 1:07:10
7. The War 1:22:10


Nirvana – Kurt Cobain: About a Son was originally published on Divine Aim