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Layer Cake

A West London drug dealer is caught in a high stakes game of life and death when he’s duped into trying to sell one million hits of Ecstasy stolen from a vicious Serbian drug lord. © 2004 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. All Rights Reserved.


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A Field Full Of Secrets

In the summer of 2008, two friends stepped into a crop circle for the first time. One emerged relatively unaffected, the other decided to try and build a UFO with help from an eccentric transsexual inventor.


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Naga the Eternal Yogi

Naked, covered in ash, and quite literally standing for years on end. These are not your typical yoga enthusiasts. They are the holy gurus of India who contort themselves for years on end, dedicating their lives to extreme practices. It’s all in the name of distancing themselves from the material world. They are a menagerie of the weird and the wonderful and travellers come from around the world to consult them. Set in present day India, this documentary is a research of the origins of yoga, and specifically an investigation of the monastic order of the Naga Baba, worshipers of Shiva and Dattatreya. It is a journey that accompanies a young ascetic from this most ancient monastic order of the sub-continent of India, to the most important holidays for Hindus: the Kumbh Mela.This event is the largest gathering of men on earth, both in size and attendance, and it is estimated that during this twenty day celebration that more than 100 million people gravitate to this place. it follows the protagonist, a young ascetic, leaving his temple and reaching the festival in three months, during which he meets friends, gurus, and devotees, giving the filmmakers the chance to interview, compose, and complete the puzzle of this research.


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Burning Man

Tom is a man behaving badly. Restless and impatient, he’s involved with an unfeasible number of women and doing his best to drive the clientele away from the Bondi restaurant where he’s the principal chef. Karen plays the traditional long-suffering role of the ex-wife, always on Tom’s case to face up to his responsibilities to his eight year old son, Oscar. They both know Oscar would be better off living with her but Tom is determined to keep him, even though he’s moved them out of their beautiful house into a dismal motel. Whatever Tom is up to, his actions seem to be tolerated by those around him. But everything comes to a head as he prepares a party for his son in a beachside park. His anger erupts and Karen finds herself retrieving Oscar from the police station where Tom is being detained. Not much of a birthday. As Tom descends into darkness, fragments of a different story begin to emerge. A chance encounter with an old friend is the trigger for an explanation for his state of mind. He wasn’t always like this. One blissful day ten years ago he met Sarah. She was perfect. Beautiful and sexy, but so much more as well. He was on the brink of success and she inspired him; blessed him and the food he cooked. Made him everything he was and gave him his wonderful son. What happened is hard for Tom to face. All the women in his world are trying in their own, very different, ways to help put him back together. If grief is the price we pay for love, perhaps they — and Oscar – can show Tom it’s better to have experienced both than neither.


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John Lennon & George Harrison – Guitar Gently Weeps

The world at large is aware of the enormous input that both John Lennon and George Harrison gave to modern day music; but few people have been party to the real men behind the image; the depth of their beliefs, and the innermost concerns they both shared for the future. In this fascinating account of one half of the world’s most successful group we explore the sides of two personalities rarely if ever on view to the general public.

Track List:

1. Archival footage – Harrison and Lennon’s early beginnings 00:00
2. The Death of Brian Epstein 12:52
3. John Lennon’s death 29:23
4. George Harrison’s death 37:12


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For hundreds of years guitars have been made the same way but now this could all change. Musicwood is an adventure-filled journey, a political thriller with music at its heart. An unusual band of the most famous guitar-makers in the world travel together into the heart of one of the most primeval rainforests on the planet. Their mission: to negotiate with Native American loggers and change the way this forest is logged before it’s too late. A modern twist on a classic story; Musicwood is an urgent battle between the white man and Native Americans.


Musicwood was originally published on Divine Aim

Mind Blowing 3D Sound Guided Meditation SELF CREATION Connecting To Source Energy Paul Santisi


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Mind Blowing 3D Sound Guided Meditation SELF CREATION Connecting To Source Energy Paul Santisi

Mind Blowing 3D Sound Guided Meditation SELF CREATION Connecting To Source Energy Paul Santisi was originally published on Divine Aim