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Life was all summer and sunshiene for Seema. Her husband Prakash bestowed unstinted love on her. The hearth and home breathed the spirit of love and faith. . But a cloud appeared on the horizon – to upset the sublime serenity of the home. He was Deepak a college mate of Seema and a bosom friend of Prakash. His presence became a menace of no minor magnitude. . Kishan an innocent kid was ekeing out a miserable life of a servant of the neighbors. Seema was drawn towards him -she felt for him. But she could do nothing to get him out of the hell he was in even when she found out that he was of her own flesh and blood a fruit of love that destingy denied her. . Deepak thought Seema treacherous for forsaking him for prosperous looking Prakash. . Seema wanted to make a clean breast of her past to Prakash but his innocent love and blind faith always sealed her lips. . Seema was caught in a four pronged drive whom to choose the kid Kishan husband Prakash, lover Deepak or poor herself.

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Begaana was originally published on Divine Aim