Hollywood’s leading funnyman Sinbad drops in for domestic laughs and comical chaos in this outrageously funny comedy the whole family will love. Con artist Kevin Franklin (Sinbad) is in a jam. On the run from the mob, his only escape is to impersonate the long-lost friend of an uptight lawyer (hilarious comedian Phil Hartman) — and move in with his dysfunctional family but pretending to be a wine expert, a golf pro and a world-famous dentist is no easy task. It’s not long before his good-natured hosts discover the scam — and the mob discovers his whereabouts. Wildly entertaining and full of surprises, HOUSEGUEST brings home a delightful mix of charades, calamities and colourful comedy! 1994 Hollywood Pictures Company, All Rights Reserved


Houseguest was originally published on Divine Aim