Psychonautics: A Comic's Exploration Of Psychedelics

Comedian Shane Mauss sets out on a mission to prove psychedelics are not as scary as they seem… by doing all of them. While describing the indescribable, he explores the beauty and mystique of psychedelics. He also brings in the added perspectives of some of the top scientists, researchers, and experts in this fascinating field. This film shows the enormous potential that psychedelics have to treat disorders, improve our health, and open us up to amazing experiences. However, they can also lead to a month-long manic state and a trip to the psych ward… if not done responsibly. This is a journey that takes Shane to the highest euphoria and the lowest depression, it opens him up to enlightenment, and it kicks him in the balls. With moments of both confusion and clarity, this is as an honest account of a genuine Psychonaut.


Psychonautics: A Comic's Exploration Of Psychedelics was originally published on Divine Aim