Underexposed: a women's skateboarding documentary

At the age of 12, Amelia Brodka went to the X-Games and discovered that girls can skateboard. It began a life-long obsession that led her full circle to those very X-Games as an alternate. After working very hard the following year she earned an invite to be a competitor. Then they canceled her event.

Amelia’s desire to find answers led her on a quest to examine the skateboarding industry’s approach to how it markets, promotes and supports women in its sport, and to find out if there is a place for women in professional skateboarding.

Through interviews with other women who skateboard and prominent figures in the skateboarding industry, exciting skateboarding footage and her own experience, Amelia paints a picture of a subculture within a subculture on the verge of breaking out.


Underexposed: a women's skateboarding documentary was originally published on Divine Aim