Adbutha Dweepam Telugu Full Moive | Prithviraj Sukumaran | Malavika

Adbutha Dweepam Telugu Full Moive, starring Prithviraj Sukumaran, Jagathy Sreekumar, Manivannan, Malavika, Mallika Kapoor. Directed by Vinayan, music by Jayachandran.


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Pure Spirit Of Meditation – 3 hour Experience With the Most Serene Meditating Music

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Pure Spirit Of Meditation – 3 hour Experience With the Most Serene Meditating Music

Pure Spirit Of Meditation – 3 hour Experience With the Most Serene Meditating Music was originally published on Divine Aim

Nagin (1954){HD} – Vyjayanthimala – Pradeep Kumar – Jeevan – Classic Movies – (With Eng Subtitles)

Nagin is a love story of two lovers from different tribes Nagi and Ragi. These tribes are in conflict for the local economic rights. The conflict goes to such a level that the daughter of the Nagi tribe’s chief, Mala (Vyjayanthimala) vows to kill the son of the Ragi tribe’s chief, Sanatan (Pradeep Kumar) as revenge. However, when she enters enemy territory, she is mesmerized by music of a flute. Soon she comes to know that the singer is Sanatan. In spite of her motive to come over there, she is attracted towards him and both fall in love. It is not easy for them to unite as they find it difficult to minimize the enmity between their two tribes and to resist the attempts of the villain Prabir (Jeevan) to marry Mala. Will they ever get married?

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Nagin (1954){HD} – Vyjayanthimala – Pradeep Kumar – Jeevan – Classic Movies – (With Eng Subtitles) was originally published on Divine Aim

Laila Majnu

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Lovers, through the ages, have been swearing by the names of Laila and Majnu, the greatest lovers the world ever produced The story of their love comes to us throught the hoary past, but, is as fragrant today as it was in the days of yore. . In the vast Sahra of Nad, a caravan of gypsies has encamped. The head of the gypsy tribe a kind of old man, is giving his blessings to two young hearts, whose hearts are throbbing with a rapture immortal love ! Loves path is not that easy-says the old man, it is strewn with throns of troubles and tribulations. It, sometimes, takes your all, and gives nothing in return, He narrates them the tale of true love that blossomed in those very sands hundreds of years ago. . Laila and Oais belonged to two different tribes that lived peacefully near an oasis. There fathers were the chiefs of the two tribes. Their beloved children studied in the same school. It was here that the tender hearts of Laila and Qais felt some thing for each other a-thing they could not name. Lailas father Amir Sarwar, came to know of tis amour and he wanted to nip the blossom in the bud. But meeting each other was irresistble for the young ones, and defying all stalling, they met each other in stealth. Thus, thier love matured with the passage of time. . It was not very long when everybody around came to know of their love. Amir Sarwar became furious, and followers belaboured Qais mercilessly. Amir, Qais father, wanted to factional war, but better sense prevailed with Amir Sarwar, and he decided to move from the place. Laila came to know of the decision, but the tribe had already decamped. She implored with tears and wailings to her companion to carry a message to Qais, but it was of no avail. . When Qais came to know that he had been forcibly parted fom his beloved, he followed Amir, Sarwars caravan. In the tity of Taif, Laila fell seriously ill Qais could not find his way to Laila : he changed himself into a beggar and reached Laila under pretext of begging alms. The very sight of Qais restored Laila to health. Qais, whou could not be away from Laila for a moment hovered around her house. People decried ” the beggar” and called him a mad man “Majnu”. . Incidentally, the prince of Iraq had come to Taif in those days, and when his eyes feel on Laila, he immediately decided to marry her. He offered priceless jewels, money and comforts which tempted Amir Sarwar and he accepted the offer………! . What followed is a heart-rending tale which is beyond all words-the intensity and impact of which you can see on the screen alone.

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Gray’s Anatomy

One of the great raconteurs of stage and screen, Spalding Gray, came together with one of cinema’s boldest image-makers, Oscar-winning director Steven Soderbergh, for Gray’s Anatomy, a spellbinding adaptation of Gray’s 1993 monologue of the same name (cowritten with Renée Shafransky). In it, Gray, with typical sardonic relish, chronicles his arduous journey through the diagnosis and treatment of a rare and alarming ocular condition. For the monologist, this experience occasioned a meditation on illness and mortality, medicine and metaphysics; for the filmmaker, it was a chance to experiment with ways of bringing his subject’s words to brilliant, eye-opening life.


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Auto Shankar | Full Kannada Film | CinemaJunction

Auto Shankar, played by Upendra, is an auto driver belonging to the middle class section of the society. He is friendly and jovial. Maya, who is a money-lender, is brought up in a rich family. She is portrayed as a boorish character. She is unscrupulous in recovering loans given to the poor and has designed crude methods to recover the money. She is also the daughter of a lady don.

Shankar defends the poor and fights the moneylenders. Several interesting battles follow, after which the Maya loses all her property and prestige. It is also revealed that she is not really the daughter of the lady don. She then learns a lesson that reforms her attitude. She makes amends and Shankar embraces her as the two fall in love. Shankar finally fights all the gangsters led by the lady don and brings an end to all the injustice being imposed on the poor.


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Le Mans 2014

2014 saw the eagerly anticipated return of Porsche to the Le Mans fray. The 919 hybrid looked to add to the legend forged by cars like the 917, 956 and 911. Le Mans in 2014 is a very different proposition to that faced by the Munich company’s designers and engineers in 1998 when they last won the historic race outright. Audi, Porsche’s stablemate certainly weren’t going to hand their hard won LMP1 crown to Porsche without a fight and (relatively) new kids on the block Toyota had their sights firmly set on a first win. In short, Porsche had a heck of a hill to climb. It all made for one of the most thrilling Le Mans 24 races in recent memory and gave the commentary team at Radio Le Mans more than enough subject matter for their marathon efforts. Add in to the mixture a truly exciting LMP2 class and some great racing amongst the GTEs and you’ve got the perfect recipe for the most prestigious motor race on the calendar. Duke’s review features four hours of the best highlights, packed full of close-ups, in car shots, pit lane angles and spectacular (though thankfully not serious) crashes and you’ve got the best Le mans review of all time. We love it and we hope you do too.


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