Karthik (Madhavan) is an engineering graduate who happens to lay eyes on Shakti (Shalini), a medical student, at a wedding. The two meet regularly after their that on suburban trains, to and from work and university. Karthik and Shakti eventually fall in love. Karthik’s father Varadarajan, a lawyer, learns of the relationship and meets with Shakti’s dad Selvaraj. He asks Selvaraj, a railways employee, for his consent to a marriage between the two young lovers. However, upon meeting, the two parents disagree and the wedding is called off. Shakti decides not get married without her parents’ consent, and the relationship is called off altogether. How Karthik and shakti sails through the story to be watched.


Alaipayuthey was originally published on Divine Aim

Class Rank

Olivia Holt, Skyler Gisondo, Kristin Chenoweth and Bruce Dern star in this quirky teen comedy about placement, politics and finding your voice. The only thing holding Veronica (Holt) back from her dream of attending Yale is her #2 high-school class ranking. So when she devises a plan to elect fellow teen Bernard (Gisondo) to the local school board and abolish the ranking system, their unorthodox efforts inspire everyone around them to see life and love in a whole new light.


Class Rank was originally published on Divine Aim

An Evening with Beverly Luff Linn

After getting fired by her scheming husband Shane Danger from his cappuccino shop, dissatisfied Lulu Danger (Aubrey Plaza) is stunned when a TV commercial for “An Evening With Beverly Luff Linn For One Magical Night Only” reveals a mysterious man from her past (Craig Robinson). When Shane and his bumbling cohorts steal the cashbox from Lulu’s adopted vegan brother Adjay, specialist Colin (Jemaine Clement) enters the fray to retrieve the stolen funds. But Lulu seizes the opportunity to run off in search of her mystery man—and events only become stranger from there. This is a story of love, theft, athletic swimming, and a magical magical event.


An Evening with Beverly Luff Linn was originally published on Divine Aim

The Doctor

An uplifting story of a man who becomes an extraordinary surgeon, as well as an extraordinary person, once he experiences firsthand what it’s like being an ordinary patient. Touching hearts of critics and audiences alike, THE DOCTOR promises to entertain and inspire you from beginning to end.


The Doctor was originally published on Divine Aim

Irish Prayers: Irish & Celtic Music with Gregorian Chants (Tranquil World)

Mystic Ireland – rich in culture, forgotten, rediscovered and is now more popular than ever. Ireland’s musical tradition stretches far back into the past. Irish songs and ballads have many of their origins in the ancient Gaelic poetic tradition, and are characterized by idiosyncratic Irish rhythms and verse order. This is true of the prayers set to music here; they derive from the Middle Ages (parts of them have even come down to us in the Gaelic language), and they were collected and written down by Benedictine friars from the Emerald Isle. The music conjures up a mystical image of the atmosphere of long-ago days, a journey back into the roots of Celtic culture. Using the instruments native to Ireland such as the fiddle, harp and guitar ­ the mystical ballads presented here will carry you away into a world of harmony, calm and meditation.

[1] ANTIPHON TO MARY: “O Frondens Virga” [2] SUNDAY MORNING: “Invocation of the Light” [3] PRAYER OF CEMETERY: “Joyful Resurrection” [4] SANCTI, VENITE: “Draw Near and Take the Body of the Lord” [5] GUARDIAN ANGEL PRAYER: “Angel of God” [6] IRISH FOLKTUNE [7] THE LORD’S PRAYER: “Our Father – Pater Noster – Ár n-Athair” [8] PSALM 150: “Praise God in His Holy Place” [9] NIGHT PRAYER I [10] ST. PATRICK’S BREASTPLATE: “Irish And Celtic Pray” [11] NIGHT PRAYER II: “O Come, Bless the Lord” [12] SUNDAY EVENING: “Evening Praise for the Light”

Performed by ST. PATRICK BOYS / Words: Manuscripts and Book of Prayer, 16th century


Irish Prayers: Irish & Celtic Music with Gregorian Chants (Tranquil World) was originally published on Divine Aim

Velainu Vandhutta Vellaikaaran

This is the story of Murugan(Vishnu), an agent for a local MLA(Robo Shankar). He is in love with Archana(Nikki Galrani), who dreams of becoming a police officer. Murugan decides to use the MLA to get Archana her dream job and make her fall in love with him. Meanwhile, a minister on his deathbed reveals to the MLA the location where he has hidden 500 crores. When the minister’s relatives try to get this information from the MLA, he goes into a coma. What happens next?


Velainu Vandhutta Vellaikaaran was originally published on Divine Aim

Princess Cyd

High school athlete Cyd Loughlin lives alone with her depressive father in South Carolina, perpetually longing to get away from it all. When her aunt, famous novelist Miranda Ruth, agrees to host her for a few weeks during the summer, Cyd jumps at the opportunity. Arriving in Chicago, the curious, earthbound Cyd begins to sense her vulnerability as she encounters points-of-view different from her own. Cyd discovers that her aunt is more interested in literature, Christian theology and food than romance and sexuality, while Miranda realizes her niece is operating in a different register, embracing body over soul, and hungry as hell. After a jog one afternoon, Cyd meets the strikingly androgynous Katie. Days later, Cyd finds herself in Katie’s apartment, where she meets Katie’s brother and his strange friend Tab, who seems to take a provocative, potentially dangerous liking to his friend’s sister. Meanwhile, Miranda has an increased sensitivity to the attraction felt from her best friend, African-American author and journalist Anthony James. During one of Miranda’s monthly soirees, her closest friends from academia and church come over to celebrate each other, Cyd meets a dreamy young man named Ridley, who attempts to sweep her up. Struggling to navigate these complicated feelings, Cyd yields to his flirtations. At the same time, Katie, left alone with Tab at her apartment, increasingly senses trouble. Later that night, Miranda and Cyd stealthily rescue Katie from violence, and she ends up back home with Miranda and Cyd, safe. As the days press on, Miranda, Cyd and Katie form a special bond, eventually gathering with Anthony at a block party. As the two dynamics meld into one colorful and complex modern quartet, they each find themselves transformed by this stretch of summer, challenged to continue living in their evolution even as they part ways.


Princess Cyd was originally published on Divine Aim

5 Ghantey Mein 5 Crore

The film tells the story of chartered accountant Vikram (Shawar Ali) and his keep Soniya (Meera) who are waiting for another Accountant Muqaadam (Rashid Khan) to deliver 5 crores hard cash at their farm house. Vikram (Shawar Ali) works for Sultan Corporation which is owned by Sultan (Ranjeet). As soon as Muqaadam (Rashid Khan) delivers the money, Vikram (Shawar Ali) and Sonia (Meera) plan to kill Muqaadam (Rashid Khan) and escape to Singapore next day with 5 crores to start a new life. Vikram (Shawar Ali) and Soniya (Meera) go exactly by their plan. Enter Karan Oberoi (Abhishek Kumar) whose car breaks down in front of Vikram’s (Shawar Ali) farm house. Karan (Abhishek Kumar) also happens to be Soniya’s (Meera) junior ex classmate in her college. Then starts a dirty game of love, betrayal, murder and deciet. Three people with 5 hours to go and with 5 crores hard cash.


5 Ghantey Mein 5 Crore was originally published on Divine Aim

Fearless Vampire Killers

Clever comedy-horror film directed by Roman Polanski. An expert on bats, Professor Abronsius and his dim-witted assistant, Alfred, travel to Transylvania to try to find and destroy vampires. Alfred falls for the vampire’s latest target – the inn-keeper’s daughter. Also known as Dance of the Vampires and Pardon Me, But Your Teet Are in My Neck. MPAA Rating: NOTRATED (c) 1967 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.


Fearless Vampire Killers was originally published on Divine Aim