Majestic Journeys: Edge of the Horizons

Part of the Majestic Journeys series, Edge of the Horizon is a soothing excursion through natural landscapes, with scene-appropriate music accompanying the beautiful surroundings. This wordless 55-minute trip takes you to the deserts of the Namib (with New Age tones); to the greenery of Ayutthaya, Thailand (with Asian-influenced music); to the crash of the surf on the Cape of Good Hope; on a felucca ride up the Nile; and on a Saharan camel journey from the Tunisian oasis of Douz. You’ll also visit Mongolia; Camargue, France; the Canary Islands; Aheme Lake, Benin; Etosha and Fish River Canyon, Namibia; Koh Samui, Thailand; Garden Road, South Africa; and Cassis, France. This nonnarrative relaxation-inducing video will inspire feelings of calm and appreciation for the splendors of far-off lands with its lush photography and gentle sounds. Also part of this series are Peaks of the Heavens and Cascading Waterways.


Majestic Journeys: Edge of the Horizons was originally published on Divine Aim