Naga the Eternal Yogi

Naked, covered in ash, and quite literally standing for years on end. These are not your typical yoga enthusiasts. They are the holy gurus of India who contort themselves for years on end, dedicating their lives to extreme practices. It’s all in the name of distancing themselves from the material world. They are a menagerie of the weird and the wonderful and travellers come from around the world to consult them. Set in present day India, this documentary is a research of the origins of yoga, and specifically an investigation of the monastic order of the Naga Baba, worshipers of Shiva and Dattatreya. It is a journey that accompanies a young ascetic from this most ancient monastic order of the sub-continent of India, to the most important holidays for Hindus: the Kumbh Mela.This event is the largest gathering of men on earth, both in size and attendance, and it is estimated that during this twenty day celebration that more than 100 million people gravitate to this place. it follows the protagonist, a young ascetic, leaving his temple and reaching the festival in three months, during which he meets friends, gurus, and devotees, giving the filmmakers the chance to interview, compose, and complete the puzzle of this research.


Naga the Eternal Yogi was originally published on Divine Aim


John Lennon & George Harrison – Guitar Gently Weeps

The world at large is aware of the enormous input that both John Lennon and George Harrison gave to modern day music; but few people have been party to the real men behind the image; the depth of their beliefs, and the innermost concerns they both shared for the future. In this fascinating account of one half of the world’s most successful group we explore the sides of two personalities rarely if ever on view to the general public.

Track List:

1. Archival footage – Harrison and Lennon’s early beginnings 00:00
2. The Death of Brian Epstein 12:52
3. John Lennon’s death 29:23
4. George Harrison’s death 37:12


John Lennon & George Harrison – Guitar Gently Weeps was originally published on Divine Aim

Tickle Me

Elvis Presley stars as a guitar-playing rodeo rider, working at a dude ranch for girls. He attracts all of them except the physical instructor, until he helps her to find buried gold in a ghost town. MPAA Rating: PG © 1965 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.


Tickle Me was originally published on Divine Aim

Deep Ocean Impressions: Tranquil World – Relaxation with Music & Nature

Meditative impressions from diving paradises of the Maldives. Enjoy a meditation journey to the colorful Coral Reefs and listen to the mysterious sounds of the seas. Water is a fascinating element, as a sea, always in motion and seemingly unfathomable in its depth with a world of life all its own. Curiosity makes us want to put on flippers, a diving mask and a snorkel and then dive between algae, creepers and fish, to directly experience and be part of a different kind of world. In what seems to us humans like a calm silence, there is a whole lot of lively and busy activity going on under the water. What charm is it that puts man, who was created for the dry land, under the spell of this heavenly underworld? Our love and passion for the nature of a different world, the paradise of an element unknown to us, is in the depths of the sea. We want to experience unknown plants and animals in a totally exotic surrounding. We want to be a part of an exotic symbiosis of wildlife that lives in a harmony we cannot understand. We are touched by the brilliant play of colors, the motions and the acoustic communication which is unintelligible to us. We want to be a part of it, to follow the shoals of fish and to go out and play games with the dolphins. The glowing red of the coral reef is breathtaking. We find it hard to differentiate between the exotic forms of life, animals and plants. Everything seems to be moving aimlessly and in the deepest peace of mind across the untouched bottom of the sea between the algae-colored rocks and stones in the endless depth and breadth of the sea. The happiness we feel and the strange mysticism of this underwater world give us the inner peace of mind that we so long for, allowing us to accept the gift offered by this wonderful spectacle of nature. We struggle to let go and follow the glittering rays of sunlight that penetrates the water and rise to the surface. Diving in Paradise Relaxation Soundtrack.


Deep Ocean Impressions: Tranquil World – Relaxation with Music & Nature was originally published on Divine Aim

Miso Hungry

Imagine eating nothing but traditional, authentic Japanese cooking for 12 weeks. What sort of health benefits would this kind of diet have on one’s body? It is widely known that the Japanese live the healthiest and longest lives in the developed world. But what is it about their lifestyle, diet and culture that makes this so? In “Miso Hungry”, award-winning actor and comedian Craig Anderson sets out on a dieting experiment towards better health by eating nothing but traditional Japanese cooking for 12 weeks. Through a series of entertaining and educational scenarios filled with culinary secrets and cultural chaos, Craig investigates how the traditional Japanese diet, along with their active lifestyles, results in the Japanese population being the healthiest and longest living people on the planet. “Miso Hungry” is a light-hearted documentary about one man’s journey to find a simple, painless path towards a healthier life.


Miso Hungry was originally published on Divine Aim

Michelangelo Revealed

While Italian art restorer Antonio Forcellino is cleaning centuries of grime from Michelangelo’s statue of Moses in Rome, he uncovers a long-hidden secret in the life of the great Renaissance master. Forcellino embarks on a mission to re-examine the biographies, historical records and works of art created by Michelangelo and comes to a disturbing conclusion – that the official portrayal of the artist as an obedient servant to the papacy and passionate propagandist for the Catholic Church is a myth. February 18th, 1564. Michelangelo, one of the greatest Italian sculptors of the High Renaissance, dies. Three days later his corpse disappears, just before his workshop is raided by agents of the Vatican; yet all of his papers, letters, and sketches have already been burnt. What was the old master attempting to hide? Or rather, why were Vatican agents trying to expose him? Such suspicious circumstances are only now being explained through the recent discoveries made by art historian, Antonio Forcellino. In this gripping documentary, we follow his investigation into the Roman archives, uncovering the dangerous alliances and religious inquisition which surrounded this famous artist.


Michelangelo Revealed was originally published on Divine Aim


There are few musicians who fundamentally change their instrument, and even fewer still who transcend their instrument altogether. Jaco Pastorius did both.
In 1976, Jaco’s melodic “singing” bass style redefined the role of the bass in modern music. Almost overnight, critics hailed Jaco Pastorius as “the future of modern music,” alongside popular visionaries like David Bowie, Tom Waits, Patti Smith, Bryan Ferry, Lou Reed, and Herbie Hancock.
Driven only by his own desire to create the music he wanted to hear, Jaco transformed himself from a poor and unknown, scrappy Florida boy, into an international sensation — all without any formal musical training. Instead of chasing popular music, Jaco led his fans towards the music inside him. Defiantly jumping off amplifiers, heaving his bass through the air, and refusing to be just a “sideman,” Jaco broke down the barriers between audiences and genres.
Unfortunately, for many of our most sensitive artists, great genius comes at great cost… and Jaco Pastorius was no exception.
Now over 25 years since his violent and untimely death, his story will teach the world about true musicianship, family, and the indestructible power of the human spirit.


Jaco was originally published on Divine Aim